Tiramisu Cupcakes

Tiramisu Cupcakes Recipe

Tiramisu Cupcakes via cupcakeproject.com

This recipe is from a website called Cupcake Project, where a number of interesting recipes can be found. I`ve sometimes seen this site passing through my door, and so I am delighted to say that this recipe I`ve been looking for. I can see the recipe with my eyes, and I hope that when you see it, you will smile.

Ease of use: The recipe is easy like Sunday morning. The instructions follow in an orderly way, rather than going round and round. Whereas some recipes leave me feeling like I haven`t got a clue, following the pattern of this recipe means that all being well, everything will be alright. The timings are also clear and easy to understand, meaning the recipe can be prepared and then left to set all night long.

Layout: The layout of the site is as graceful as a ballerina girl, and so clear it may be water. The colours sail on the page without imposing on the text, and the font looks like it could have been penned by Cinderella. It`s truly easy to follow the train of the page, rather than climbing back up to previous parts of the recipe out of sequence.

Use of everyday obtainable ingredients: Most of the items are available easily, although for some mascarpone may be harder to come by. Once, twice, three times ladyfingers are mentioned as part of the recipe, though you have to click on a separate link to get to that. Overall though, this recipe (and website) is fantastic, and after eating one of these, nothing else matters.


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